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Porter Ridge Middle School8

Indian Trail, NC | Union County


February 26, 2015

I say that the school could work on religious profiling because the band teacher Ian Ferris is a practicing christian and all he talked about was his time in the choir at his local church. On the bright side porter ridge is a kinda good learning environment (except the occasion student breakdown), you get computers and other fun goodies and the library is packed with book that anyone will enjoy reading. From A Student,

November 17, 2014

This is a amazing school. It has good teachers and staff members. Bully is not a issue at all. I trust everyone in that building. Best school every!!!

Submitted by a parent

August 26, 2014

There is a significant problem with bullying that seems to be ignored by the administration. This is even to the point of when we have told our child's doctor about the bullying problem (as it has caused emotional issues with our child) that they expressed that they have seen a significant number of kids from this school reporting bullying problems. If your child is one of the "cool" kids then they will have no problem, but if your child is a little bit different than it is a different story. For clarification, my child scored in the 99% and 92% in reading and math EOG, so she is very smart and capable of the academic work and is in the AIG program. In addition, the school is very overcrowded (that is not their fault though) and it does impact the learning conditions. Halls are extremely crowded and between classes is when the bullying seems to occur mostly when admin and teachers can't monitor sufficiently.

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November 2, 2013

Porter Ridge Middle School is a harsh environment to learn in. I have heard several complaints by students and parents. Teachers are harsh and treat some kids like dirt, and some are too gentle, and are showing that it is okay to act foolish. The school is also dirty, crowded, and unsafe. Outdoor trailers, unlocked doors, profanity on the bathroom walls in both girl and boy bathrooms. Snakes and cockroaches have been found there, and there is a very unsanitary cafeteria In the cafeteria, there are wasps, flies, crumbs, and it is always loud. The school has one security guard, and the amount of homework is ridiculous.

September 9, 2013

My child attended Porter Ridge Middle for 3 years. She survived middle school and was prepared for high school. While I didn't always agree with the administration or the teachers direction, I am grateful that my child learned a variety of things. I only had a few issues with bullying and hours of homework. Once I met with the assistant principals, action was eventually taken. The school is way overcrowded. Unfortunately with all the budget cuts, I don't think a new middle school or high school will be built in the near future.

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September 9, 2013

First weeks at PRMS have been stressful for my child and me. No school or county website for over a week, no locker for 2 weeks, and the amount of homework. But as we get into the grove of things, life is getting easier. My child's homework tells me he's covering a lot of material during the day which I hope will help expand his realm of knowledge.

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May 16, 2013

Please do not look at the rating that this school has and think that it is a good school. Porter Ridge has been a nightmare for my child the past two years. Some of the teachers have no business teaching and when a complaint is made about the teaching and the verbal abuse administered by these teachers the administration does nothing about it. There is definitely a bullying problem in this school. The bullying is not only done by other students but by teachers as well. If you ask to have your child removed from a class don't expect it to happen. They will find every excuse to not move them and regardless of the situation, will always side with thte teacher. My child was attacked and injured by another student and was not allowed to see a nurse. I was also not informed of the injury by the administration.There are teachers that scream in students' faces like a drill sergeant and when a complaint is made nothing is done about it. My child was told by one teacher that she/he will amount to nothing. The school is also unsafe. There is an overcrowding problem and classes are taught in trailers outside of the school. The back doors of the school are kept unlocked and unmonitored all day

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May 2, 2013

I going to PRMS next year.From the field trip I went to it looks like a cool school.They have AIG classes for me too. The teachers all look really nice. They also have tons of clubs like art club.They also have band.I know I'm going to have a great year!!!

December 31, 2009

i just moved here to nc and prms has been so helpful it is a great envoirment to learn.

Submitted by a student

September 22, 2009

This year Porter Ridge has made major improvements starting with Open House. The teachers were enthusiastic and excited to teach and the Open House itself was organized. My son is in the 7th grade and he has had only good things to say. I am looking forward to a great year at Porter Ridge.

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