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Hemby Bridge Elementary School9

Indian Trail, NC | Union County


August 3, 2014

I am a former HB student and I have 2 boys who have already been through through HB and one entering 5th and one entering 2nd. I absolutely love all the staff at this school. It has changed in many ways over the years. I have complete trust in all the staff at HB! I know they are going to do everything they can to protect and help my children!

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July 11, 2014

Hemby Bridge was built in 1975. The classrooms are divided by bulletin boards, which extend from the floor to the ceiling creating a wall. This concept has been addressed to the school board, but because of budget cuts nothing can be done. There are bookcases due to the amount of reading material that is used to enhance learning. You can rest assure the safety of students and staff is a high priority at Hemby Bridge, as it is in all Union County schools and throughout North Carolina. Every classroom has a smart board. Teachers and students have regular size laptops and access to two computer labs to boost learning. Hemby Bridge does welcome tours. However, like any school an appointment would be preferred due to testing, summer cleaning, and the confidentiality and safety of the students and staff. The cafeteria manager takes a genuine interest in not only preparing the food, but the student s needs due to various allergies and medical conditions. The library is large and there are various levels of books that encompass all genres. The community loves this school and is very proud of the students past and present. Hemby Bridge is a great school!

July 4, 2014

This school was built in 1974. K-3 is OPEN classrooms divided by bookshelves/bulletin boards. This is a serious problem for children w/sensory issues. Grades 4-5 are in a separate more modern building. There are no Smartboards in the classrooms. Teachers do have access to small laptops for their class. Our experience with the teachers/staff has been less than stellar but I'm sure there are great teachers here. Due to the age/layout of this school, it does not meet the current safety standards that you find in newer schools. For safety sake, my comments are purposely kept at a minimum. You will not be able to tour this facility before you make a decision on a house. We were informed that tours are not allowed. On a positive note, everything is freshly painted throughout, bright, well maintained, and clean. The library is nice as it sits in the middle of the open classroom building. You walk through the library to get to the rest of the school. The cafeteria food is good with lots of fresh fruit and vegetable options. Overall, this school should have been sold or re purposed long ago. It would be better used as a private Montessori school due to the open layout.

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September 9, 2013

My son transferred and attended the school for 2 years before we moved across the county to another school. His first year in 2nd grade was hard because of a difficult teacher. He finally made it to 3rd grade and had an awesome male teacher. I applaud the school for having such great male role models for young children from 3rd-5th grades. I wish there more in the earlier grades. There is a lot of emphasis on teaching the students information from the EOGs. I understand the need for testing but don't understand why they put so much pressure on the students to pass this test so they can earn a title for the school. After transferring to my son's new school, I noticed a different approach to teaching from most of the teachers and from the administration. I wish Union County Public Schools would rotate their principals so that every teacher and student would be affected by a proficient and thorough principal.

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March 12, 2013

We thought Hemby Bridge was a great school because of all the reports that we had read. On paper, it looked like a great school but in reality, it's only a good school that has a lot of room for improvement. It's a shame that my child does not have a Spanish teacher, a computer teacher, or a teacher who will teach them cursive writing. When they enter middle school, they will be behind in not being able to speak the language, know the basics of Microsoft Office, or how to sign their name on a document. We had a child who had a behavioral issue. We asked for help and found nothing but conflict and resistance from the new assistant principal. Most people love the school based on their experience with their child's teacher. We have had great teachers who truly loved their job and we have had duds who had no excitement for the classroom. As a former teacher, I was required to send my parents weekly emails with lesson plans and update my website weekly. My child's teacher only sends an email when she needs classroom supplies and her Moodle site hasn't been updated in months. I wish there was more parent involvement. We had dances, carnivals and fun events our first year.

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October 11, 2010

My son loves third grade and loves school for the first time in many years.

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February 25, 2010

My granddaughter is an AIG student in Math and Reading. She is also always A or A/B honor roll student. Her sister in Middle school same thing and attended here last year. If a parent gives child help and love, and as grandparents give them, better ed to look forward too, college, better paying jobs, goals in their lives.This is why this school is such an instrumental part of Val's learning. This is an outstanding school. The field trips may not be long, but they are worth every dime.. Thank you for teaching both of our granddaughters so well. They both love their teachers. This is in my opinion, one of the main factors from being a good to a great school!!! for when a child does not like a teacher, the relationship fails. Linda Williams, grandmother

December 24, 2008

I moved to this area just to go to this school. It's a wonderful school and very catering to my childs special needs.

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October 29, 2008

I attended HBES and my two children now attend there. I love the school. My fifth grader is getting well prepared for middle school and my second grader is learning so many new things. The transition of a new school year minus 500 students has been a very sucessful one. I have read all the other reviews and as a parent who is very involved at HB I feel like the problems have been due to an overcrowded school and the inability to meet each individual need. Our new administrators and staff are very positive as well as the students and PTO. It seems like a new school since we are half the size we used to be. The classrooms are from 17 - 24 students, and more than enough staff to meet the needs. The PTO fills in the gaps. I love HBES and my children are thriving there.

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October 10, 2007

We moved into the district November '06. We were worried our 8-year old might have a hard time adjusting to a new school. The teachers and administrators at Hemby Bridge took a genuine interest in making his transistion as smooth as possible. The school has grown so much and the staff is doing a great job keeping 1000 kids happy, safe, properly educated and organized. Communications to parents could be improved a little bit. Website could be more informative and updated weekly. Teachers could have site so parents could keep updated on what students are learning and what major events are upcoming, etc.

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June 19, 2007

As a child I attened this school and I am happy that my children are attending this school. My oldest son just completed 1st grade and will move on to 2nd with his younger brother in K. If a child is in need of help it is readily availible. The teachers are always pleasent and represnt this school respectfully. My experience with them has been great. They truly care for and about your child. The specials classes of Art,PE,Spanish,and Music are also well. My son loves all of the teachers he has had over the last 2 years and is looking forward to moving on to 2nd grade. The parent involement is extreamly well. This is a school who cares for the child and their family.

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May 2, 2007

Our experience with this school has been mostly a negative one. Our son started kindergarten happily,but after the first day came home crying with bad report saying he was 'bad'. This continued to happen,so my husband and I had several conferences with the administration. They are overly critical of young children and not very understanding of a small childs behavior.They were expected to be perfect little robots and not appreciated for their individuality at all. If this continues in first grade,we will be transferring our son to another school. He is a sweet,sensitive five year old boy who needs to be guided not sent to the principles office for every minor infraction (talking or not paying attention). Children should be guided through their school experience,not expected to be perfect,after all, none of us are. Concerned parent.

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March 28, 2007

I had two children attend Hemby Bridge over 3 1/2 years. My older daughter was well prepared for middle school. I was very impressed with the level of parent involvement and teacher/administration enthusiasm even though it's an older school. My kids were very happy and successful here.

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November 12, 2006

My daughter has been in Hemby Bridge from kindergarten and is currently in 5th grade. My family's experience with the school has been wonderful, with only a couple of exceptions. I feel she has been challenged and is encouraged to reach her full potential. I would recommend to any family!

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June 12, 2004

This school has achieved 'School of Excellence' twice in recent years and may possibly do so again this year. One only has to track school performance to be assured of the quality of education this school provides. This could only be achieved by having teachers who are well qualified and go well beyond the expected in their instructional practices. It also speaks to the support provided by the parents and the administrators at the school. For the 'inside scoop,' visit the school and see for yourself what a great situation for learning your child could be a part of.

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