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Jay M Robinson Middle10

Charlotte, NC | Mecklenburg County


July 8, 2014

People think that JMR, is the best school and everything, but that's not true. I moved from a different state switching middle schools for my 8th grade year and to say I would have probably had more opportunities at my other school if I had stayed. There are two teams in the 8th grade, but the team I got put in was T-Breds. Compared to the Mavericks, it seemed that the teachers weren't trying hard enough. Especially the math department, the teachers do not know how to teach, one teacher just yells at her students and complains, if they were bad enough she would put tests as a punishment. The other teacher did not know to teach... period. All the faculty is just a joke, since I was a new student I needed my gaggle account etc. I asked the front office many times to create my username and stuff like that in those many time they did not do anything. It seems that the faculty is more concerned about dress code especially about girl's yoga pants, dress, and shirts rather than academics. Although, I did not experience any bullying. I would say once I joined the school my math scores went from an A to a B, I really do not know why.

June 26, 2014

My son just completed his first year at JMR after moving from an academically challenging Catholic school in NJ. He reports that the classes are just as tough, if not tougher in some instances here at JMR. He doesn't get piles of "busywork" for homework. Classes are in "blocks" of 1 1/2 hours each, thus allowing ample time for questions and discussion. The kids have been very friendly and welcoming. His teachers were very accessible via email, and helped ease his transition to JMR by watching his interactions with the other kids. We are grateful to the great teachers at JMR and look forward to next year.

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September 10, 2013

After two years, I continue to be impressed by Jay M Robinson. The teachers blend the right level of educational rigor, compassion, fun and life skills that is really needed for this age group. Let's face it: Middle School can be a tough time for kids, and yet the teachers and staff at JMR have been able to create a team environment for the kids, in which they strive to learn and do well at school. My daughter looks forward to going to middle school! We have participated in the band program at JMR, which is simply amazing. The band graduates have created a reputation of excellence among the local high schools. And, for that matter, I've been told by counselors at Providence and Audrey Kell (the two high schools who receive students from JMR) that these children consistently outperform students from their other feeder schools. They are simply more well-prepared for high school than their peers. I would highly recommend Jay M Robinson to any family looking for a school focused on academic excellence, creating life-long learners and interested in nurturing global citizens.

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August 15, 2013

After five years, our family is a high school family. My final assessment: mixed. Their emphasis on "rigor" (particularly fourth quarter, when EOG pressure amps up) caused a lot of stress for my two children and many of their peers. An entire night of homework following a seven-hour school day is excessive; pressure on the students to be the top of the heap in CMS, similarly so. As a result, self-destructive behaviors are more prevalent among the student body than even the school may know. As I barely saw administrators, I cannot offer an informed opinion. In the plus column, I found the majority of the teachers communicative and willing to work as part of a team when issues arose. However, the Math department is this school's weak link, with a couple of outstanding exceptions. I don't feel either of my children received a good math education at Jay M., because the foundation for understanding the subject wasn't laid. Nonetheless, I believe Jay M. is the superior public middle school in South Charlotte.

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July 20, 2013

Any accolades this school gets are a direct result of the students that attend. The faculty and school policies are an absolute joke. There is no sense of achievement and a very negative atmosphere.

March 16, 2013

Horrible! I am a former student at Jay M Robinson and went there from 6th to only a half of my 8th grade year. The school is not very welcoming and the teachers don't use student feedback on surveys to appeal to all students at their pace, skill, and learning standards. My 6th grade year was fine but the kids are NOT WELCOMING to people who are new and starting their first year. It is sort of like a challenge as the students in the upper grades are "the top" and "the boss". The teachers also won't take the time to help you understand a subject. I have been to all my teachers' tutoring and all they do is give us review worksheets instead of teaching us. Most of all, the students are OVERALL VERY RUDE. There was recently a new student in my 8th grade year, I payed close attention and it was obvious that no one helped her around. No one pays attention to student talents or other features that make the students unique. The principal isn't involved AND THE BULLYING GOES WAY TOO FAR! I hated it so much I switched schools during the year to a CMS magnet school and it is way better. Popularity showdown + major bullying instances + no interactions = Jay M Robinson Middle School.

November 15, 2012

My child "graduated" from JMR 6/2012. JMR is a tough school aimed at preparing kids for high school. My daughter has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan due to diagnosed learning disability) and the staff worked with her to meet her needs to be successful. She is now at a charter high school because of the overcrowding in classrooms in CMS. JMR prepared her for the level of high school work and she is ahead of her peers in her study skills and abilities such as writing an essay. The high level of parent involvement in this public school and their children's education makes for JMR generally being a satisfactory and safe learning environment. The vast majority of capable teachers are truly interested in seeing their students excel.

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November 14, 2012

My son goes to jm is a honors student there for 3 years in his final year is a honor roll student a and b student the school is really a good lower end middle school not all but seems to me teachers are paycheck hounds not all but good amount of older staff there.But then again the administration will not change this maybe if they could they would but not likely.The old line is you get out of school what you put in not what the teachers are putting in

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April 2, 2011

Wow!! The previous poster is way off base about this incredible school. JM Robinson is not an unsatisfactory school. The teachers and staff go out of their way to meet the needs of all students. It has not been easy these last few years in CMS...budget cuts, new teacher appraisal instrument, Pay for Performance, etc. The teachers at this excellent school focus on student success and create a nurturing environment for the entire school community.

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March 30, 2011

looks like most of these reveiws are dated, time for an up date. JMR has some fantastic teachers, unforunately they are under an adminstration that couldn't care less if they tried. The general strategy is to simply push the kids through with no regard for personal needs or learning styles. Parent engagement is 'encouraged' until a true issue needs to be addressed then they simply delay dealing with the problem or try to brush it under the rug. If your child is highly motivated and would be a high achiever in any environment, you may find this is the school for you, otherwise be prepared for 3 years of disappointment. The local demographics have more impact on how this school is rated against others than anything the adminstration is doing. If you are looking for a school that excells in getting as many kids through with little concern for personal differences and needs, JMR is your place.

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February 12, 2010

We are very happy with JM Robinson. The teachers are engaged and enthusiastic. The physical plant is outstanding. The students are hard working and generally nice kids.

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October 10, 2009

We just moved from Florida and my son was in a private Catholic school in an upscale area of South Florida. He just started 6th grade and let me tell you, this is no joke. The teachers are great, the workload is plenty and he is working hard to keep his grades at the honor level. I am so happy we picked this school and hope to have a wonderful three years here!

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October 3, 2009

Everyone works as a team!

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January 3, 2009

jay m robinson is an amazing school!!! i mean the teachers are great and make learning easy for us students!!! but now im not a current student in jay m (sadly!..) because i have moved here to to florida. and trust me the middle schools in florida are like trash compared to jay m, and other middle schools in fl. so all u parents out there who have ur kids going to jay m thats the greatest dishison u probably made for them! oh and by the way i used to be excited to do work in jaym and go to school but over here its all just so wrong!!

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August 22, 2008

its just an amazing school evryone is so friendly and is always happy to help!

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