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McKee Road Elementary10

Charlotte, NC | Mecklenburg County


August 10, 2013

McKee is an excellent school! Have 1 child there for 3 years. Parents & the kids love this school! Great PTA and strong, caring, top teachers!

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June 8, 2012

We had just one of our kids at Mckee Elementary and our experience was very frustrating. Very glad it was only one year. This school seems to be concerned only and just with their rates and percentages not very much with their students. We were fooled with all the comments and numbers we saw before deciding to whether transfer our child to Mckee Elementary or not. Very sad we did!

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February 22, 2011

I have two children at McKee Road School and our experience has been wonderful. We've had great teachers and I feel that my kids are getting a great education. The teachers here all have many years of experience so our kids get the cream of the crop as far as teachers are concerned. The new principal, Mrs. Newsome is very involved and is a great new asset to the school. My kids love their school too.

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June 10, 2010

I have 2 children at McKee. Their teachers are and always have been wonderful! The principal is very honest, upstanding and caring. The is an amazing amount of parental involvement at McKee.

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March 21, 2010

Our experience with the school has been that they are more focused on awards and politics then on the kids. We are also going to be removing our kids from the school. We love the teachers but they seem to be have there hands tied buythe administration. A fish stinks from the head down mabey we should start looking there.

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February 12, 2010

We have two children at Mckee Road. The teachers are all experienced and caring. The Principal is also excellent (Mr Price). We have had our children in private school in the past, and the education at Mckee Rd is really better.

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January 9, 2010

I don't understand why this school has a ten. I believe it is only based on test scores. If you walk into the school the teachers are all under a lot of stress and seem upset all of the time. I am removing my child as I don't see how anyone in this environment would enjoy learning, or school for that matter.

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June 10, 2009

My son just finished Kindergarten and I can't tell you how much we LOVE this school. The principal, the teachers, the staff are wonderful.

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June 9, 2009

This is an excellent school and the teachers are amazing. The school is very clean and there is a great deal of parent involvement.

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December 2, 2005

Our daughter started kindergarten this year and we have been amazed by her teacher (Ms Morganthol) and the supporting staff with their nurturing and support. They have done an amazing job of seeing that she is challanged to mature as a pupil and as an individual. The school is managed well, is clean and offers a great deal of parent involvement in the classroom and in the learning process outside of standard school hours.

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