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Matthews Elementary9

Matthews, NC | Mecklenburg County


March 21, 2014

Very strong administration! I have a special needs child with Autism and a Gift Child. Both get support and are challenged to improve by the wonderful teachers and support team. We love the school!

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February 1, 2014

Both of my children went through Matthews with the last finishing up 5th grade in 2013. I used to really like this school and would've recommended it to anyone. However, the school received a new principal a few years back and I can't say the change had been a good one. The new principal is a young fella trying to work his way up the administrators ladder quickly. Unfortunately sometimes that is to the detriment of the students and staff. Thankfully I have many great memories of the school and what it was prior to his arriving at this school or my rating would likely have been much worse. We had some fabulous teachers while there and and two not so fabulous teachers. I am thankful for those that care and love what they do and love every child that steps in their classroom.

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October 17, 2013

Matthews Elementary School was a warm welcome for my daughter. We just moved from Florida and were met with helpful people, all with smiles and having pride in the school they work at. My daughter who is in the 2nd grade wants to make sure we don't move again until she is all the way through the sixth grade.

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June 26, 2013

Our first year at Matthews & we could not be more impressed! Great teacher communication & welcoming environment. We are very pleased to have chosen Matthews!

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March 1, 2012

My child has been at Matthews for almost 3 years...and it gets better every year. This year however, he's having a great year, and I really have to give credit to his teacher...Mrs. Moffatt. She is AWESOME! I truly mean that. She keeps the kids motivated and happy. Which goes a long way.

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July 29, 2011

This school is amazing. The staff is so committed to education and making sure every child gets the education they need and at the level they can perform at the same time complying with a strict curriculum. The principal, Mr. Miliotte is a very nice man. He is very accesable and reasonable. You can find him early in the morning greeting kids and parents at the drop off. The teachers really want and encourage parent involvement. It is almost impossible not to get involved in this school, they expect great things from the kids and the parents.

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February 18, 2011

Its amazing, Im currently in middle school and i go to crestdale and i Adore that school . I learned and made alot of lifetime friends . And dont forget Your Blue &Gold . MATTHEWSS!

October 27, 2010

It's just a great school in a small community.

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October 30, 2009

My son is in K at Matthews Elementary school and he loves it. I just had his first parent teacher conference with Ms. Vann and she was very detailed about my son and how he performs in school. I was happy that she took the time to know so much about him when she has a class full of other students. The after school program there is also great. Ms. Gallo is wonderful and has so many activities planned for the children instead of having them sit around after school waiting on the parents to show up. I plan on having my son at Matthews Elementary until he can't go there any more. I am confident that he will excel with all the teacher and principal interactions in his life.

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July 24, 2009

we moved here from NJ a year ago and we are thrilled with Matthews Elem. in NJ our children were in private school and we found Matthews Elem to provide a wonderful enviornment and academics. Our children have surpassed their NJ classmates in reading and math. The Principal and staff are focused on the students and their caring shows through.

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June 29, 2009

We moved here from Ohio and have 4 children that attend Matthews Elementary and we can't say enough good things about this school. Dan Witt, the principal, knows all 4 of my children by name and always takes the time to speak with parents. Ms. Marafino teaches Kindergarten and is one of the best teachers I know. She cares for her students as if they were her own and it shows in her classroom. There are so many great parents in the community and you will find many of them volunteering their time at school events and in the classrooms. I believe that my children have received a wonderful education at Matthews Elementary. My oldest son and daughter both scored perfect on their EOG's this year for math and reading and I think the school deserves some of the credit for helping them achieve such high marks. A 5 Star School!

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June 2, 2009

As parents of two children, one who is a high funtioning autistic child, there are not enough great words to describe how awesome this school is. The principal is the best man you could want in your childs life. His name is Mr. Witt. As parents we feel it is because of him that the teachers and staff are just as great as him. We wish our kids had started there from kindergarten. Our story dealing with other area schools is too long to tell in this review. We know you do not know us,so if you can PLEASE trust Mathews is the best that you will encounter in the Carolinas. Both of us being from N.Y., attending some of the best public and private schools in the country still do not compare to Mattews Elementary! And a special Thank You Mrs. Carroll, who made a difference in our childrens lives.

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June 1, 2009

We just moved from New Jersey, I have found that this school deserves it accredited rating. First of all, my son Michael had Mrs. Kiger, 3rd grade, and i believe she taught my son more in one year than he learned in all his school years, strategies! Dan Witt, the principle, is a kind and caring man, who although busy, when you speak with him, he is everything a principle should be, kind, compassionate and very interested in the well being of your child. As for some of the reviews that were negative as far as the test scores, those comments in my opinion, are reckless This is state mandated, whether you're in the north or the south, it's not the teacher's or the principal's fault for doing their job to the best of their ability, take it up with the state. This school gets 5 stars! sheila appello

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June 1, 2006

Great school. Awesome teachers with tons of parental involvement. I love this school.

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January 4, 2006

Matthews has excellent teachers and a great deal of parental involvement...sometimes too much. They do need to work on the availability of more extracurricular activities for the children. They could put on more plays and/or programs that require a commitment from the children, not just programs that every class participates in automatically. Matthews' teachers, parents and students shold also take part in some type of diversity programs. There is some disparity in that area.

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