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Hawk Ridge Elementary10

Charlotte, NC | Mecklenburg County


January 2, 2014

We recently moved to Charlotte from out of state. I was a bit nervous about moving to the area since the only reviews I read about CMS schools we that they were 'cut throat' & 'only catering to families with money'. However, my child has thrived in the few months that she's been here at HR. she loves her teacher (as do I), the principal seems very involved and willing to help not only the students but parents who also want to be involved and a part of their child's education. I love how I get weekly emails from my child's teacher and principal (not something that happened at our old school). Im also thrilled with the fact that my child tested into the AIG program and is getting the support to help her get farther in her education. Although there is a huge emphasis on high scores, there is also an emphasis on family and community. With Hawk Dads helping with carpool and hosting movie nights and moms volunteering with Girls on the Run and other activities, I feel like any child here can see that this school is not JUST a school but a place where families come together to help them succeed. Thanks Hawk Ridge!

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May 22, 2013

This school is awesome...I had to relocate to the Charlotte area and found the best school for my child to attend. I was really nervous at how my child would adjust since it was the middle of the semester but the staff were so welcoming and comforting to our new move. My child adjusted well. I love the growth and hands-on experience. The curriculum is excellent at helping prepare students for the EOG's, and test scores are amazing. Weekly agenda folders are sent home to keep parents involved. Teachers send out weekly emails to inform parents of what your child will be learning that week. They utilize new technology systems (smart boards) in allowing students to bring in electronics (i.e tablets). Unfortunately, I never used the bus system...however, I used carpool and the school will give you a number to use when picking up your child after-school to assure proper safety and dismissal. Boosterthon, Fun-Run, Valentine's Dance...and the list goes on of all the events parents and students can attend to fund-raise events and bring school interaction. All around this school is phenomenal. I have nothing bad to say, it's a 5 star from me.

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May 22, 2012

My daughters have thrived at Hawk Ridge. If you are moving to Charlotte, this school has: 552 member PTA, a science lab equivalent to my own high school's lab (complete with eyewash, erosion tables,) Smartboard technology, wireless Internet, iPads for the teachers. The school's EOG scores are amazing. The teachers do well with special needs students and have special needs teachers.. The YMCA partners with the school. The drama club is outstanding. Music: keyboarding lessons, choir, and encouragement to try new instruments. ESL: outstanding. PE: two amazing teachers who keep current with exercise trends, yoga after school and a Girls on the Run program. A guidance counselor and speech therapist on-site who are both infinitely patient. The Principal has his own child at the school. There's a Dad's group which holds movie nights. Both of my girls have learning challenges and they both have received care beyond my expectations. This is a high-quality school with amazing administrators. Discipline is maintained in a kind way. The only incident of bullying we experienced was dealt with in less than 24 hours and resolved completely. I highly recommend this school.

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January 29, 2012

We moved here from Maryland and our main concern were the schools. We ended up at Endhaven and later we were zoned for Hawk Ridge. I can not say enough about this school. We have children who range from gifted to special needs and the staff have gone out of their way to make sure that the learning envirnoment for each child is met. We have great communication with the staff, from the head on down. We were even able to start a group called HOPE for families who have different concerns for students with special needs.

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January 27, 2012

A great school. The teaching staff is excellent and also all the administration staff are very caring and wonderful. One of the best schools that i have known of. The academic program is very challenging and keeps our kids way ahead of the curve. LOve the school and all the staff too.

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January 11, 2012

Incredible school. Be sure to discount some of the older posts about overcrowding. CMS has fixed that. Fantastic Principal. Amazing, caring teachers. Very demanding yet supportive. Very early adopters of new teaching and learning philosophies. One of the best performing elementary schools in the entire state of NC. And - the focus on character too!

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April 22, 2011

We chose to stay in the Hawk Ridge school zone when our son turned 5 years and was ready for kindegarten. We picked Hawk Ridge based on reviews on this website and some from conversations with other people. So far,we have not had a single chance for doubt or had to re-think our choice. The PTA is fantastic and relentless, the principal and staff strive to put into implementation innovative efforts to teach and help learn. Having volunteered at the shcool, I have seen the everyday functioning of the school and can only say - Glad we chose this one!!

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May 14, 2009

the teachers, the quality, the resourcess, the process is very very good,the level of education in hawkridge is uncompariable,i cannot ask for anything better

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June 7, 2008

Hawk Ridge is one of the best schools in CMS - hand's down! Next year, it will be near its original capacity - 12-14 mobile units are being removed in June. Hawk Ridge kids also enjoy the perk of being next door to the Morrison Family YMCA where HRE kids take advantage of lots of field space, track, etc.

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January 29, 2007

I can't tell you how awesome this school is in such a small amount of space. We recently attempted a relocation to Nashville, TN and had started private school there. My 3rd grade daughter was ahead in science, social studies and reading at the private school and on par with the rest of the class in other subjects. This private school is tough and she was on track all thanks to the great teachers at Hawk Ridge. We are headed back to Charlotte and will return to Hawk Ridge. Overcrowded? Yes, in a big way, but the kids don't even seem to notice and the staff makes it so seamless. This school is getting overcrowding relief with another new school (Flat Branch)in 2007-2008 and yet another new school (Elon Park) in 2008-2009.

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June 8, 2006

Hawk Ridge is a wonderful school. I have kids attending here since the year it was open and each of them has received a quality education in a safe, warm, and nurturing environment. Yes, it is overcrowded. The staff works very hard to make sure that the students don't feel the effects of this overcrowding. The school has many mobile units that have taken over the green areas of the property but luckily we have a generous YMCA next door where the teachers can take the kids when necessary. Unfortunately the start time has been pushed back to 9:15 for next year with the plans to move it back to the earlier 8:30 start time the following year. This was a Charlotte Mecklenburg School administrative decision and should not reflect negatively on the administration of Hawk Ridge. Overall, Hawk Ridge is an excellent school where children can soar!

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February 3, 2006

PROS: Good Principal and teachers. CONS: 1) Overcrowding! There are 24 mobiles at this school. Half of the enrollments is in a mobile. 2) The schools focuses heavily on reading, writing and math and ignores science, arts and PE. 3) In Fall 2006 the school starting will be pushed back to 9:15am. This new starting times make it impossible for many working parents to arrive to their work locations before 10:00am. The only alternative would be to enroll our children in before school care. The additional cost to parents for before school care is estimated to be about $2000 per child ($200 / month) for the school year. The children would also pay a cost by extending their day by approximately one hour. 4) The school has no PE fields. This is largly due to the number of mobiles at this school. Consequently, the kids either play in the gym or outside on the black top parking lot.

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October 31, 2005

I cannot say enough about Hawk Ridge (HR). My child has been a part of the school for the past three years.HR is a private education for the public school price. Parent involvement is at a very high level and is appreciated by the staff. We moved to the area just so that our children could have the high education in which Hawk Ridge has been able to give. Yes, it is a little crowded but everyone seems to handle it well. It will be hard to find another public school like Hawk Ridge.

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July 19, 2005

As a former teacher from another state, I have to say Hawk Ridge provides a top notch educational experience for our daughter. She just finished kindergarten and all of the kids in her class are able to read and write at the minimum several sentences at a time. There are so many extras that any child's interests will be met, and the parent involvement is incredible.

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August 2, 2004

My daughter, now entering 3rd grade, receives a fabulous education at this school. The environment is warm and nurturing, while encouraging all students to achieve. The administration has handled increasing/decreasing enrollments with great ease. There are wonderful activities offered to enhance the curriculum, including visits from local performing arts venues. The principal seems to have a knack for identifying quality, committed teachers who love their chosen profession. Parental involvement is another key to the success Hawk Ridge enjoys. Parents/guardians are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer in a wide array of activities including tutoring, book fairs, family dinner nights, Junior Achievement, etc. Definitely consider Hawk Ridge...it's a private school education for the public school tax dollar!

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